A Plant Phosphorylation Prediction Tool

Using PlantPhos


  1. Home - The Home page gives an introduction of the web server as well as the background of the study and the architecture of the system.
  2. Prediction Tool - The Prediction page allows users to submit a protein sequence or a file containing a protein sequence in FASTA format for phosphorylation prediction on S, T, or Y residues.
  3. Download - The Download page allows users to download protein data in FASTA format used for training and independently testing PlantPhos.
  4. Help - The Help page explains the different pages of the website and contains the contact information of the authors.


Contact Authors

If you have any problems, comments or suggestions about PlantPhos, please contact:

Project Leader - Dr. Tzong-Yi Lee

Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, Yuan Ze University, Chungli 320, Taiwan.