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Feb. 06, 2014:
A total of 242 experimentally verified S-glutathionylation sites on 153 S-glutathionylation proteins from RedoxDB. (Sun, Ming-an et al., 2012) have been integrated into dbGSH.


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Version: 1.0
(Dec. 10, 2013)

Download dbGSH

dbGSH release 1.0 currently accumulates a total of 1293 S-glutathionylated proteins, consisting of 2224 cystein S-glutathionylation instances. Additionally, more than 2200 experimental S-Glutathionylation sites are manually curated from more pertinent literatures using text mining method to systematically filter research articles related to cystein S-glutathionylation. All of the collected S-glutathionylated peptides are mapped to the protein entries of UniProt release 2013-03, which have the detailed functional annotation for each protein. Thus, the data set that we provide you with includes (tab-delimited):

Data access: Please contact Prof. Tzong-Yi Lee via e-mail francis@saturn.yzu.edu.tw to make a data request.

dbGSH has been developed and is maintained by Yuan Ze University, Academia Sinica. All dbGSH contents are freely available for non-commercial academic use. For any questions regarding commercial use please contact us via e-mail francis@saturn.yzu.edu.tw. It would be noticed that the data in dbGSH should not be used or shared for any commercial purposes and should not be distributed to a third party without prior consent.